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Step 09: Software development

Flawless function requires intelligence. Our software development starts with the specification. It includes hardware-oriented driver functions, low-level routines adapted to the family of microcontrollers in use, and ends in embedded software or an application with graphic user interface or touch-sensitive operation. We are constantly coming up with new ideas about how to make electronic products more intelligent, more communicative and more efficient.
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Step 09: Software development Details

Abstracted levels and modules enable a flexible processor changeover and reduce the software development time and the maintenance of the code. A fault-tolerant and robust implementation as well as standardised self-tests are all a matter of course.

The following microcontrollers are used for this:

Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 / 28x Piccolo / 28xx Fixed Point Series / TMS320F280x / TMS320F281x / TMS320F2802x / TMS320F2803x / TMS320F2801 / TMS320F2806 / TMS320F2809 / TMS320F2811 / TMS320F28032 / TMS320F28035 / TMS320F28021 / MSP430 Feo Elektronik is a third-party company of Texas Instruments.

Fujitsu F2MC-16LX / MB90350 Series / MB91360 FR50 Series
Freescale HCS08 / HC08 / Digital Signal Controller DSC / DSP56F80x / CodeWarrior
Microchip PIC 16F8xx, NXP LPC2400 / LPC2300 / LPC2470, NEC 78K0
Various manufacturers ARM7 / 8051
Tools Rowley Crossworks for ARM / gcc / JTAG
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