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Step 03: Design concept

Your idea obtains clear contours. Before the final product design, it is necessary to get a first idea of the later design. This happens in two important process stages: the conception of different design drafts and the first design development, which may represent a relatively clear notion of the later result.
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Step 03: Design concept Details

The design concept:
In line with the requirements, the design concept is created for three possible drafts, which already indicate the form and fundamental structure of the casing. Here, it is fundamentally important that aspects of general producibility and the requirements of the target group are taken into account. The alternatives are intended to provide options of examining and assessing various specifications, the casing concept, operation, etc. in more detail. The draft is presented in proportional design sketches (renderings) and graphical illustrations.

Draft development and design perfection:
When devising the details of the selected design draft or in the synthesis of interesting draft aspects from the conception phase, we approach the final draft. Further details discussed are taken into account, and a CAD model of the design draft is created with general reference to production and installation engineering requirements. As early as in this phase, parameters for the surface (structure), material and colour are provided, and the affixing of any product marks and product labels is considered. The result is 3D data, which is transferred to construction.
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