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Step 04: Functional concept

Hooray – we know how it works. We can now see the whole. We define the function and appearance of the user interface. The electronics, the mechanical structure and the software are described in detail. We know the expected development and production costs, including tooling costs. Deadlines are fixed. We know the score.
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Step 04: Functional concept Details

The functional concept provides clarity at several levels:

1. Design and conception of the user interface (MMI):
- Development of the interface based on the existing language
- Possible supplementation of the icon family due to new functions
- Design by analogy to existing icons and based on corporate design criteria
- Creative draft of graphical elements and icons
- Definition of font families and colouring
- Draft for navigation and ergonomics of the display
- Alternative presentation of the graphical user interface
- Illustration of selected modes of operation for choosing the design variant
- Draft sketches and structure of the graphical display
- Assessment of symbols, reduced text, language and icons - international

2. Conception of electronics, mechanics and software:
- Electronics
- Mechanical structure
- Taking account of quantities and production processes
- Integration into the existing casing or conception of a new casing

3. Definition of additional data & facts:
- Estimate of production costs
- Estimate of the development price, including tooling costs
- Scheduling
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