Successfull on the market for 29 years. We are driven by the passion to develop new products that make life easier and better.

Feo Elektronig GmbH was founded in Weingarten in 1995 by Mr. Rudi Kral. He named the company after the Celtic rune “Fehu” with the meaning “acting power” and the associated element fire, which is reflected in the orange of the corporate identity of Feo Elektronik GmbH. At the tume, the Feo team consisted of 3 employees. In the years that followed, Feo Elektronik GmbH developed a number of significant products and the team grew rapidly. In 2006, the companys headquarters moved from Weingarten to Ravensburg, where Feo Elektronik GmbH still has its headquarters today and if very happy with the current location. 30 employees are now working in the company on numerous exciting projects. Perhaps our employees will soon develop an interesting product for you?

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